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Expertise & Projects

Explore the examples to our commitment by browsing our recent projects; witness the innovation and craftsmanship that defines Northstar's approach to every construction project. Your vision is our priority, and our portfolio is a snapshot to the excellence we bring to each project. Explore and envision the possibilities we can create together.

Review some of our recent projects to see our commitment to CARING, EXCELLENCE, GROWTH, and UNITY in action.

Where innovation meets precision.


We specialize in crafting captivating restaurants, building beautiful spaces where people can enjoy delightful dining experiences. Restaurant projects are fast paced and fun! We love working with these customers, they truly understand hospitality - they bring it! Every project is unique, but the turn over is not. We hold to the schedule and turn over date.


We excel in serving the retail market by designing and building spaces that captivate customers and enhance the shopping experience. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that each retail project we undertake not only meets but exceeds the unique needs of our clients, creating spaces that leave a lasting impression.

Light Industrial

From concept to completion, we specialize in constructing light industrial spaces that seamlessly integrate innovative design with function, ensuring your operational needs are met with practicality and excellence. This is a fun product type and the end user is generally down to earth and full of common sense. 

Private Medical

With a focus on precision and functionality, our team ensures that each healthcare facility we build not only meets industry standards but also provides the cleanest and safest work environment.  These private medical offices are personalized and inviting ensuring a comfortable and efficient environment for both practitioners and patients.


Parry's Pizzeria & Taphouse

One of the fastest growing and best value brands in the country. With rapid expansion plans throughout the United States. 

Whataburger & Parry's Pizza

Fusion and celebration of brands. Whataburger and Parry's Pizza put together a joint venture, sharing space on the Las Vegas Strip. A true, on of a kind marvel. 2nd Floor Lounge & Whiskey Bar.

Panda Express

One of the largest QSR brands in the world. Founded and led by an inspirational couple, Andrew and Peggy. True Visionaries. 

Fish City Grill

FCG is the freshest full service Texas based seafood restaurant headquartered in Dallas / Fort Worth. Multiple Brands with Fish City Grill and Half Shells.

Luxe Garage

Luxe Garage is a truly custom, one of a kind personal luxury garage for your high end cars, toys, and whatever else you can dream of. Located in the Woodlands, TX. This project is currently under development and in design. 

Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake

This is an emerging brand, the concept originated in Japan where they make Japanese Cheesecake. A touch sweet and perfectly airy. This brand is under the Panda Restaurant Group (PRG) umbrella. 

Kinitro Fitness

An elite fitness center located in Houston with personalized training for newbies and professional athletes. Customize your training experience. 

Tectonic Office

This team and vision was a collaboration of several Kingdom minded entrepreneurs with a heart to serve people. Coworking office space, gathering space and Ambassador's Coffee, all with one unified mission.

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